About Us

Lexolve Partners is a full service law firm comprising of second and third generation lawyers, who have acquired strength through experience and their high standard of ethical practice. Lexolve Partners' practice extends across various disciplines of law including dispute resolution, corporate, commercial, tax, real estate and property, labour and employment, banking, finance, intellectual property and cyber laws.

Appreciating the challenge for the clients to get a practical solution, the core team of the firm has been structured to include professionals from diverse background bringing together their legal, business, commercial and practical experiences.

Apart from advising and representing clients during the transactions and formal court proceedings, members of the team at Lexolve Partners are also being engaged to lead the alternative dispute mechanism both as representative of the parties in mediation and arbitration proceedings, as well as arbitrators.

Though principally the head office of the firm is based out of Delhi, the firm enjoys its capability of managing the legal work for its clients across India though its branch and associate offices. Striving to be a truly full service law firm and provide all possible legal services and assistance to the litigants and its clients in a cost effective manner, the firm also has its own in-house infrastructure to conduct alternative dispute proceedings within its premises.