Core team

Pandey Sangeet Rai, Managing Partner

Sangeet has done his five years law graduation from Symbiosis Society's Law College, Pune and Masters in Corporate and Commercial Law from Queen Mary, University of London. He is practicing as a lawyer from 2005 and has a versatile experience both as a litigation as well as corporate and commercial lawyer. On the litigation side, he has appeared in various state High Courts and tribunals (including Securities Appellate Tribunal in Mumbai) and represented private, public and listed companies. On the corporate side, he has an extensive experience of handling general corporate, commercial, employment, labour and intellectual property related mandates. He has assisted various corporate houses in raising fund through equity, including initial public offering, and debt. He has also examined complex structural issues and advised on the applicability of sector specific regulations like NBFC regulations, SEBI regulations and exchange control/FEMA regulations.

Sangeet has been involved in several transactions including joint ventures, private equity investments, takeovers and foreign direct investments in sectors including defence. While taking the transactions through, he has also assisted clients in procuring FIPB approvals, industrial licences and other regulatory clearances and preparing definitive agreement for the transactions.

Sangeet also enjoys hand holding the startup firms from their very inception and taking through the entire process, be it incorporation of the company, registration of their intellectual properties like trademark and copyrights or drafting of commercial agreements, franchise agreements, software licensing agreements, property acquisition documents, employments contracts and other documents safeguarding their legal rights.

On the academic and information space, Sangeet has contributed through co-authorship of a book titled "Copyright and Trademark Laws Relating to Computers". The book has been remarked and commented as a well researched work and ideal for Judges, Lawyers and law officers in this field, law students, I.T. Professionals and software companies. It also finds its place in the suggested and recommended reading list provided by various law universities and institutions for their graduation and masters program. He has also contributed through various articles on technology oriented laws. His comments and views, particularly on securities law issues, are frequently being quoted in some of the leading publications of India.

Sangeet can be contacted at: or at his mobile: +91 98998 76055.

Pandey Neeraj Rai, Senior Partner

Pandey Neeraj Rai is a litigation lawyer having 16 years of experience in numerous branches of litigation. He has had extensive experience of handling civil, commercial, constitutional and criminal matters, including economic offences matters and has been making appearances before various courts, tribunals and forums at all levels. He has represented clients in the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, district courts and quasi-judicial authorities; and in particular he has extensively worked in the High Court of Jharkhand at Ranchi, his initial place of practice, where he has also been the High Court's appointee as the Secretary of the Rule Committee under the Civil Procedure Code. He heads the litigation and arbitration law practice at Lexolve Partners. In his experience of practice so far he has significantly handled matters pertaining to tender, contract, mining, banking, finance, real estate & property, trade mark & copy rights, central excise & service tax, money laundering, anti-corruption, education, public service, labour and industry, in the original as well as appellate and extra-ordinary original jurisdictions. Neeraj has also assisted foreign clients in contentious matters pertaining to anti-suit injunction, immigration and family matters.

Neeraj has worked as retainer and legal adviser for universities, educational institutions, electricity board, banks, public service commission and also renowned philanthropic bodies.

He has been regular invitee as guest lecturer and speaker on legal subjects in various organizations and institutions, including the law schools, management schools, judicial academies and university- departments.

During his law education for five years in Symbiosis Society's Law College, Pune (1993-1998), Neeraj excelled in the academics and moot courts, and was the University Representative in his capacity as the elected Secretary of the Academic Council to which he was a member by dint of being topper in the college.

Neeraj's association with social organisations include being a Trustee of the International Library and Cultural Center and Past President of Rotary Club.

Neeraj can be contacted at: or at his mobile: +91 98351 13551.

Rachitta Priyanka Rai, Partner

Rachitta has completed five years law graduation from National Law Institute University, Bhopal and is practicing as a lawyer since 2007 in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and the subordinate courts in Delhi.

Rachitta also has first hand experience in practice in Mumbai when she represented various clients including various corporate houses in the Bombay High Court and the subordinate courts in Mumbai.

Rachitta practices on both civil and criminal side of law. She also possesses a sound knowledge of corporate and commercial litigation. Within this bracket, she handles all kind of contractual and commercial disputes, shareholders' dispute and winding up petitions.

On the corporate side, Rachitta also possesses skill of drafting corporate transaction documents including joint venture and investment agreement, scheme of amalgamation, franchise agreements, distributorship agreements etc.

Rachitta can be contacted at: or at her mobile: +91 98998 76056.

Pandey Phanindra Nath Rai Pankaj, Senior Consultant

Mr. Pankaj is litigation lawyer with 46 years of experience in extensive practice on criminal as well as civil side (including revenue). In criminal trials he has worked chiefly as defence lawyer, besides representing the Union of India as Prosecutor for labour enforcement and the State as Additional Public Prosecutor and to the Labour department's Prosecutor. He has worked as Special Prosecutor as well as defence advocate upon appointments by the government in cases of special significance. On the civil and revenue side he has represented clients, including nationalised banks and Municipal Corporation and as the Senior Standing Counsel for South Eastern Railways. His experience extends to various trial courts, including these at Ranchi and Delhi, as also the High Courts and special forums pertaining to consumer disputes, debt recovery, labour and industrial matters, mining, electricity, environment, public demand & recovery, urban development, accidental claims, economic offences and so on, in original, appellate and extra ordinary original jurisdiction.

Mr. Pankaj has helped many philanthropic, charitable & social bodies, both as a lawyer as also as participant. He is Paul Harris Fellow and a Past President of Rotary Club.